In Mitorin you are trapped in a sector in space far away, without any allies. But you are not alone with your litte spaceship. In your journey to get back home, you meet a lot of hostile groups, which attack you and try to prevent you to get back home.

But you are smart and able to upgrade your spaceship, to counteract the enemys.

Mitorin is a 2D space shooter, which is currently in the alpha phase. That means, the game is currently free, but can contain a lot of bugs. And also a lot of features of the game could still be missing. The game may also change a lot over time.

Changelog (Version 1.1.1 Alpha):

* [Added] New background in the mainmenu
* [Added] New background in the main levels
* [Added] A new mission selection menu
* [Changed] Added new colors for important buttons
* [Changed] Relabeled the "Start" button to "View Missions"
* [Changed] Relabeled the "death" screen to "mission aborted"
* [Changed] The shop now has it's own tab, and is not located on the home tab anymore
* [Changed] Completely new Nyan Cat Easter egg, which can no longer be found on the "N" key
* [Bug Fix | MIT-00001] The game jumped back to the mainmenu, before the 10th level even started
* [Bug Fix | MIT-00002] The amount of drones didn't save
* [Bug Fix | MIT-00003] Some shop items could be bought again, if you already had them

Download (Version 1.1.1 Alpha):

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Direct Download (Version 1.1.1 Alpha):